ImageSeveral years ago, I sat with two dear friends in their home. We were having a conversation about someone who had made some very bad choices and had inflicted a lot of pain onto other people. My friends are a long-time married couple who have shared a lifetime together and are both wise and knowledgeable. I will always remember what the husband said during this conversation. He described this person  “water.”  I was confused and asked what he meant by that. My friend responded, “He’s like water – he takes the shape of whatever type of glass or pitcher you pour him into.” 

That was profound and I have thought about his very accurate and revealing statement over the years. He is correct – think about it: If we were to pour water into an oval shaped pitcher, the water forms to the shape of the pitcher. It is fluid and easily conforms. If water is put into a rectangular shaped pool, for instance, then the water is now shaped like a rectangle.

Do you know a water person such as this? Someone who comes into your life, whether it be a friend or lover, who will conform to whatever role they are delegated to, without resistance or any individuality. These are people who will blend in to the environment and go with the flow – like running water does. They have chameleon-like traits and can move throughout life undetected and consistently under the radar. They skillfully play a role and  usually always have an agenda which benefits them, many times at your expense. They will say whatever it takes and whatever they feel you want hear and will do whatever it takes to make you believe that they are sincere. Most times, after they’ve gotten all they can from you and drained much of the life out of you, they move on to their next “victim.” Usually, they’ve already found their next prey and have them lined up and waiting in the wings for them. They always have a plan and they are the ultimate survivors. And they’re toxic.

We know that water is vital for life. Our bodies need and crave it and our minds are more alert and active when we’re hydrated. We can survive for a long time without food, but would die quickly without water. Which brings me to the other type of “water people.”  Hopefully, you know more of this type than the aforementioned.  This type of water person is the one who will restore, revitalize and renew you. Our bodies and minds will crave and need this person and be infused with love and awakening, not sucked dry and dehydrated. These water people will not always bend and conform to all situations. They won’t always “go with the flow.” They are individuals who have their own minds and no hidden agendas. They are genuine and forthcoming and they never play games. This is the water that is essential to productivity, joy, peace and vitality. It restores and replenishes.Image

What type of water are you? Only you can answer that question honestly. Hopefully you have water people in your life – the second kind. If you’re unlucky enough to have the first type, then recognize it and then get rid of him/her/them. Take your life back and get renewed.



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