phonenixMy rebirth has required my death – The death of my soul and my spirit. My transformation has commanded my mortal being to reshape and renew itself on more than one occasion in my life. This time is no different. My life has consisted of a series of hard knocks and “what the hell’s.” And with each knock down or hell storm, I have been reset to begin again…to begin a new.

I’m like most humans – finding comfort in my discomfort because at least it is familiar and native. Co-existing with pain has become common place and routine. Allowing our recognizable habitat to embrace and stroke us permits complacency and stagnation to become routine and accepted. It is a place where we settle for the chaos and confusion. There is no room in that place for our wings to emerge.

I have recently escaped the sluggish and passive existence of the tried and true…the routine and familiar. However, I do not regret that experience at all because my already solid wings were strengthened and fortified there. I discovered the layer that needed to be summoned, awakened and nurtured. I am the Phoenix and my ashes are left behind.

I am now embarking upon a new and exhilarating journey that requires tenacity, confidence, boldness and some “badass-ness” and also some divine support from the Most High God and His compliant and mysterious universe. I am fearless and joyful as I move into the fire and allow it to burn the old and create the new. I am awaiting the manifestations of long-held dreams that have formed and become finely tuned.

What an incredible sojourn the past few years have been for me. Not because it was easy or happy. No, just the opposite. Everything has changed. The inner voices are clear and precise. My former spirit has died and I’m not just restored, but reborn. Direction and guidance are ever-present and I chose to follow, not just hear. I trust the winds of change and welcome their unfamiliar promises. With the exception of the death of both of my sisters, there has never been a time in my life that change was regrettable or afflictive.

Moving out of our comfortable and cozy place is daunting. But living an authentic andchange3 truthful existence requires the death of fear and complacency. It demands the courageous and, often times, uneasy metamorphosis into a place of unexplored territory…a road less traveled. It is there, without a doubt, that you will find the core of who you were born to be and the gift that is yours alone. In that unexplored terrain is where the wing-building will serve you well. The wing-building architected from the challenges, the disappointments, the injustices, the heartache, the pain that sat with you day and night, the smiles that never transitioned to your eyes because your heart was sad. Well it’s a new day and you’ve passed the test and your rewards are big, bright colorful wings, beautiful and strong and promise is in the air.

You’re ready to fly now.


Artist credit (The Phoenix woman): Karol Bak


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