flowers-galaxy-afro-hairstyle-black-girl-magic-pierre-jean-louis-32It was never about lacking anything – It was always about discovering what was already there.
She realized that the rumble of restlessness and doubt had dissipated when she wandered into an empty room and it was filled with nothing but her…and she alone was enough.  Her beauty remained like a faded water color through a steamed mirror – it had stood the test of time.  A quiet and courageous warrior in the face of depravity, chaos and disorder. Not a woman for just any man – not the woman for most.
The stripes of her journey boldly engraved upon her soul merged into an explosion of brilliancy and life. She was a silent and unexpected force who arrived before her physical body – Validation was no longer needed.
She was too free to be stirred by vacant words or superficial actions. Her pursuit of peace was relentless – her visions were colorful and focused –  her universal contract was eternally renewing and her resiliency was a rising phoenix as the ashes burnt away.
She was everything…

Artist Credit: Pierre Jean-Louis




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